Timeless Momentum

Timeless Momentum is a UK-based label focusing on jazz-fusion music and operated by musician Antoine Fafard. The label’s first release was Jerry De Villiers Jr’s The Turning Point Archives which came out in December 2014.

Timeless Momentum’s second album was Antoine Fafard’s Sphère released in 2016. The album features Gary Husband on drums, lead synth and piano and Jerry De Villiers Jr on lead guitar. Antoine’s following project was Proto Mundi and featured Simon Phillips, Jerry Goodman and Gary Husband and released in 2017. Borromean Odyssey featuring Todd Sucherman and Gary Husband was released in 2019.

In 2017, Timeless Momentum participated in an iTunes app featuring drummer Emmanuelle Caplette was released and was available for one year. These are some of loops featured in the app: