RELEASED: October 17, 2017
ARTIST: Antoine Fafard
LABEL: Timeless Momentum
PRODUCER: Antoine Fafard
Proto Mundi (2017)

Proto Mundi is Antoine’s album project released in October, 2017. It is a concept album which includes three extended tracks, a 32-page booklet with a shot story plus a full bonus album.

​The music on Proto Mundi features Simon Phillips on drums, Jerry Goodman on violin and Gary Husband on lead syntheziser.

Simon Phillips’ tracks were recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, while most of Gary Husband’s performance was captured at Eastcote Studios.

Proto Mundi is accompanied by a bonus album entitled Doomsday Vault which features 11 remixed songs from Antoine’s first three CDs, plus four previously unreleased pieces – three of which feature brand new performance from violinist Jerry Goodman, and a fourth featuring Chad Wackerman on drums.

​When you order, you will receive a digital version of both Proto Mundi and Doomsday Vault.

Proto Mundi can also be ordered from the package deal available on this website which includes Antoine’s complete solo discography plus the Proto Mundi Video.

Track listing
01. Mission Ganymede
02. The Journey
03. Empty World

Total length: 51:04

Antoine Fafard: bass & all guitars
Simon Phillips: drums
Jerry Goodman: violin
​Gary Husband: lead keyboard

The Doomsday Vault bonus CD comes with Proto Mundi