RELEASED: October 21, 2022
ARTIST: Alta Forma
LABEL: Timeless Momentum
PRODUCER: Antoine Fafard
Spatium & Tempus (2022)

Spatium & Tempus is the debut album by Alta Forma, a project led by Antoine Fafard (guitar/bass), featuring JK Harrison (vocals) and Todd Sucherman (drums).

Having released instrumental music for more than 20 years, Spatium & Tempus is Antoine’s first album to feature a vocalist. Although the songwriting process for this project began many years before it finally reached completion, the fundamental challenge in making this music a reality was to find a singer who would fully embark and contribute to it.

JK Harrison had produced and been a co-writer and instrumentalist on Sucherman’s solo album Last Flight Home, and was introduced to Antoine by Sucherman. Willing to jump into a new challenge, Harrison provided inspired vocal tracks as well as valuable input into the lyrical and musical direction throughout the process of creating Spatium & Tempus.

The nine songs featured on Spatium & Tempus reflect Antoine’s diverse musical influences, which includes prog bands like ELP, Rush, U.K. and Yes, alongside artists who have a more jazz fusion twist to their sound, such as Steely Dan and Gino Vannelli, and classic rock bands including Cream, Led Zeppelin and The Who. From a compositional perspective, however, Antoine’s harmonic approach to songwriting has been similar to his approach to composing instrumental music.

New to Antoine’s process was the art of lyric writing. After many years of not having to include this inseparable aspect of traditional songwriting, the themes and topics covered in the songs came naturally to him.

Although the music on Spatium & Tempus might display a slight shift from Antoine’s musical output thus far, it is definitely in line with his body of work which provides a pathway to a unique sonic universe.

Track listing
1. Comfort Zone
2. Impossible Hero
3. Climbing to Infinity
4. Never After
5. Invisible Time
6. Time to Dive
7. Hear Now
8. His Mind’s Universe
9. Apocalyptus



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