Photo Gallery
October 2022 Promotional Photos for Alta Forma

Photos of Antoine taken by Colin D Miller

August 2019 promotional photos for Borromean Odyssey

Photos taken by Colin D Miller

February 2019 recording session with Anmol Mohara at Temple Studio (Surrey, UK)

Anmol Mohara recorded three songs now part of the Random Symbiotic Influx project. Check it out here

May 2017 recording session with Simon Phillips at Real World Studios (Wiltshire, UK)

Simon Phillips’ drum tracks for the Proto Mundi album were recorded at Real World Studio on the 30th and 31th of May

March 2016 recording session with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

This recording session captured 15 minutes of original music yet to be released.

February 2016 recording session with Gary Husband at Eastcote Studios (London, UK)
July 2014 recording session with Gary Husband at Eastcote Studios (London, UK)

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