Antoine’s music encompasses a broad spectrum of grooves and atmospheres. A conscious effort is always made to offer a multitude of tempos, time signatures, structures and harmonic variations in order to showcase the virtuosity of the players.

Antoine’s recording career began with his band Spaced Out, who released their first album in 2000. By 2008 Spaced Out had recorded five studio albums, one live album and two DVDs, and had performed on international stages including Nearfest, USA in 2002 and Crescendo, France in 2006.

The album Borromean Odyssey featuring Todd Sucherman and Gary Husband was released in 2019. Chemical Reactions was released in 2020, a project made in collaboration with Gavin Harrison. Alta Forma’s Spatium & Tempus was released in 2022, a first project for Antoine featuring lyrics.






Since the album Sphère released in 2016, Davide Sgualdini has been Antoine’s mixing and mastering’s engineer. Davide’s work has been praised by many and he currently offers his services to any musician out there willing to maximize the quality of their music.
Check out Davide’s website for more information about his services


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