USB Stick : Complete Digital Collection

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This USB key features a complete digital package provided in a 32GB-capacity USB drive. It includes digital Albums, Drumless tracks, Scores and parts (from the Chemical Reactions albums) plus Video files, with a total of 22GB of content.

ALBUMS (each provided in ALAC, FLAC and MP3 formats with a PDF of the booklet for each release):

  1. Solus Operandi (2011)
  2. Occultus Tramitis (2013)
  3. Ad perpetuum (2014)
  4. Sphère – Regular Edition (2016)
  5. proto mundi/doomsday vault (2017)
  6. borromean odyssey (2019)
  7. Chemical Reactions (2020)
  8. Alta Forma – Spatium & Tempus (2022)
  9. Perpetual Mutations (2024)


    1. Sphère (2016)
    2. proto mundi
    3. doomsday vault (2017)
    4. borromean odyssey (2019)
    5. Chemical Reactions (2020)
    6. Alta Forma – Spatium & Tempus (2022)
    7. Perpetual Mutations (2024)

Scores and Parts:

  • Scores and parts from the Chemical Reactions album
  • Music sheet from the perpetual Mutations album


  • Proto Mundi (2017) – featuring simon Phillips at Real World Studios
  • Borromean Odyssey (2019) – Featuring Todd Sucherman and Gary husband
  • Alta Forma – Spatium & Tempus (2022) – featuring todd sucherman
  • Alta Forma – Spatium & Tempus [Music Videos]

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