Occultus Tramitis (2013)


Released in 2013, Occultus Tramitis is Antoine’s second solo album which features many collaborators including Terry Bozzio, Jerry Goodman, Gavin Harrison, Scott Henderson, Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman and Dave Weckl.


Product Description

Track listing
01. Peace for 4 (feat. Gavin Harrison)
02. The Chamber (feat. Dave Weckl)
03. 13 Good Reasons (feat. Simon Phillips)
04. Sum of Six (feat. Chad Wackerman)
05. Holding Back Time (feat. Terry Bozzio)
06. Fur & Axes (feat. Chad Wackerman)
07. Funkevil
08. Tree O (feat. Emmanuelle Caplette)
09. Slydian
10. Metamorphosis
11. Prelude No.2 in C minor

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