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  • Order Ad Perpetuum

    [15 Oct 2014]

    The Ad Perpetuum album is now available!

    Find out more about Ad Perpetuum
    Ad Perpetuum can also be ordered together with Antoine's previous released at a special prices:

  • Mini documentary on Ad Perpetuum

    [15 Oct 2014]

    This is a mini documentary on the making of the album Ad Perpetuum released on the 15th of October 2014. Order the album

  • Audio excerpts from Ad Perpetuum

    [15 Oct 2014]

    Listen to excerpts from Ad Perpetuum. Find out more about the album ordering options

  • July 2014 recording session

    [29 Jul 2014]

    A great recording session occurred on July 26 at Eastcote Studios in London with Gary Husband on drums. Gary played wonderfully on all three songs he recorded on that day. One of those songs will be on the upcoming album and features Gary and Vinnie playing alongside.

    Check out photos from the session

Solus Operandi Occultus Tramitis Ad Perpetuum